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E-cigarette starter set
We undertake wholesale e-cigarettes worldwide and take on custom e-cigarettes, customize your own e-cigarette, E-cigarette starter kits wholesale
If you would like to customize your e-cigarette or a corresponding one OEM-Custom have, Please contact us, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

+ 10 Steamer tips for beginners.

1. is it important, to choose a good device, that relates to weight, Form, Color and feel pleasant to the touch, then it will take you to Liquid Watt, You have to pay attention to the ratio of propylene glycol to glycerin if you have a smaller entry-level device at home, is
It may not be suitable for liquids with a high glycerin content

2. Make sure to thicken the liquid, that you get the right nicotine, if it cuts your throat too much, then it's not always better on the face, when I have the flu, depending on, which mode the interamt.de DL is in ie direct movement or mtl mouth to lungs, when mouth to lung you can have different nicotine strengths, Vapers choose a lower nicotine level, while mouth-to-lung vaporizers choose a higher nicotine content, so that you feel satisfied even after a short inhalation and are protected from the small residues in the tank

3. When the tank is dry, The evaporator head in the middle can no longer suck in liquid and the cotton will scorch and burn you, what means, that you smoke cotton. So if you leave some of the liquid in the tank, It's less harmful than smoking.

4. when the strength of the aroma becomes increasingly flat when smoking an e-cigarette. At some point it tastes like cola, usually it produces a lot of vapor in a short time, now there is very little steam, tear off the next piece of paper and stick it into the chimney, if the spinning paper turns brown or black, it is ash, that means, that the steam head is worn out, replace it immediately, Coils are expensive and so is your health, if you do everything right, when you vape an e-cigarette, then it is much less harmful.

5. If you have an entry-level device with a built-in battery, then I advise you, Treat your e-cigarette like your cell phone or laptop, never disassemble it or remove the battery inside, you should know, that these are industrial high-performance batteries without a protective circuit. Anything can be a bomb for your new e-cigarette.

6. When your e-cigarette bubbles, use a cotton swab or kitchen towel and gently swirl it forward, to access the mouthpiece, and simply suck out the liquid, which is immersed in the heating coil below.

7. Plan ahead, to have some evaporator heads on standby and a reserve of replacement liquid. You have to make sure, that you have enough juice and enough power, and you should always carry your vaporizer heads with you, as these can easily break due to fluctuations in quality.

8. If you want to stop smoking and switch to e-cigarettes, you still need a certain basic motivation, Why should that be so, if it's that simple, to stop using nicotine, then we could also use nicotine patches or sprays, In contrast to tobacco cigarettes, the nicotine is contained here, than that it delays a little and ventilates a little less, but we also have much less acetaldehyde in our e-cigarettes Overall, cigarette addiction is a very complex matter and we don't yet have a panacea.

9. to prevent, that the tank or the e-cigarette is leaking, pay attention to the pulling technique, do not pull the cord easily, pull the cord continuously, that means, that the seal is liquid, keep an eye on them Clean your e-cigarette regularly
You don't have to do this every week, but it is good, if you have a water bath.

10. Be careful when pouring the liquid into the filler, that there are no foreign bodies in it; it is best, not to leave a lot of air when filling the liquid

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