Without N

1. Reduce addiction potential: Without N, there is no risk of addiction when using e-cigarettes. This makes them attractive to those, who are struggling with N addiction or want to avoid the risk of addiction.
2. N-free dependency risk: Consuming N-free e-cigarettes does not pose a risk of addiction, which is particularly important for young people or people, who don't stop smoking, but want to stop smoking.

3. Different flavors: There are often different flavors to choose from when it comes to N-E cigarettes, which can meet the needs and preferences of users. These flavors range from fruity to sweet and provide a pleasant vaping experience, without taking N.

4. Possible alternative to smoking: For some people, e-cigarettes can provide an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. You can contribute to this, reduce cravings for cigarettes, by offering similar hand-to-mouth movements and smoking rituals without any harmful effects.

5. No health risks: Since e-cigarettes do not contain N, there are no health risks. Nitrogen can cause cardiovascular disease, cause increased blood pressure and other health problems, which can be avoided by using nitrogen-free e-cigarettes.

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