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Many smokers of the well-known cigarette have switched to it in recent years E-cigarette switched and have been relying on the steam company's expertise ever since. The e-cigarette not only offers the opportunity to live a healthier life, due to the nicotine-free liquids, but at the same time it tastes even better. The variety of flavors of the liquids leaves nothing to be desired and at the same time offers the environment a better olfactory experience, than that of a cigarette or cigar.
Another advantage: ash & Cigarette butts are a thing of the past. You no longer need ashtrays and there will no longer be holes in textiles or furniture.
Even with little or no prior knowledge, you can quickly find everything you need to get started. Even without existing hardware, the beginning is very cost-effective compared to cigarettes and the like.!
So what are you waiting for? Start vaping! We also offer suitable ones for beginners E-cigarettes in different price ranges. Take advantage of numerous offers today and start vaping.

Die E-cigarette, also called electronic cigarette or vape, evaporates liquids with its atomizer, which are called liquids. Because the liquids are only evaporated and no combustion occurs, The e-cigarette only produces vapor, which is inhaled. This makes vaping an e-cigarette significantly less harmful than traditional tobacco smoking cigarettes. There are a large number of different e-cigarettes, which relates to the capacity of the liquids used, of the battery or battery carrier, The evaporator principle and the battery voltage can differ enormously.

E-cigarettes are available in almost every shape and color and can be used as a substitute for cigarettes or as a stimulant. Anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of electronic cigarettes, will not choose a one-way system, such as Cig-A-Likes, which are modeled on normal filter cigarettes. On most vaporizer systems, The battery can be recharged and the evaporator refilled.

The evaporator sits on a battery carrier and these are connected to each other via a thread. The battery is permanently installed or can be replaced in the battery carrier. Of course, all known e-cigarette starter sets are also available in our range. All spare parts, Evaporator, Battery carriers and batteries can be purchased individually, can be exchanged and combined according to taste and preference.

In our online shop you will find high-quality e-cigarettes and vapes for the perfect smoke as well as matching accessories - all at fair prices!

We are an excellent distributor of electronic cigarettes in Germany and are committed to this, to offer excellent electronic cigarette products. We have maintained good cooperation with our partners in the field of electronic cigarettes for many years and keep up to date with the latest developments. In our E-cigarette online shop don't miss any offer!

We offer you a wide selection of hardware and new products.
At MYVAPESITE.DE we rely on renowned e-cigarette manufacturers and trendy products. Completely irrelevant, whether you want to reorder your favorite liquid or like to experiment, In our online shop or one of our branches you are guaranteed to find convincing quality and price/performance ratios.

There is something for everyone here – Beginners, experienced vaper or e-cigarette lover.

Electronic E-cigarettes or. Electronic vaping devices vaporize a liquid using electrical energy. The resulting aerosol is inhaled by the user. The e-cigarette is therefore a smokeless cigarette and a real alternative to traditional smoking. Neither carbon monoxide nor tar can be produced here. Another advantage is also, that you can determine the nicotine content in the liquid yourself. Use an eLiquid without nicotine, So even vape smoke- and nicotine-free.

So funktioniert´s: There is an evaporator head in the liquid tank of the electric cigarette (Coil) installed. When firing, it receives the necessary energy from the battery, to cause the liquid to evaporate. An electronic cigarette does not burn, but evaporation takes place. That's why we don't talk about smoking but vaping. Many people therefore also call the electric cigarette an e-steamer or a vaporizer cigarette.

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